Quality in all processes

Quality in all processes
Packaging since 1952, IPARLAT is synonymous with quality in all processes. We search for the best selection of dairy cow breeds. We conduct ongoing researching to ensure proper nutrition on farms with optimal environmental conditions, cleanliness and hygiene. We innovate in order to have updated equipment, thus conducting regular milk quality controls.

Milk reception

The tanks that transport our milk are fully sanitized. Temperature, physico-chemical and organoleptic characteristics are tested when the milk is delivered to the plant and then stored in silos at a temperatures below 6ºC.


The milk fat is standardised and UHT treated and sterilised at the optimal temperature to preserve its nutritional properties. It is then aseptically packaged into Tetra Brik containers labelled with the best before date.
The palleting process is performed with innovative and technologically advanced machinery.

Final testing by batch

Composition, physic-chemical characteristics, sterility and flavour tests are performed on each batch before its release to market.

Maximum security

Once final testing and analyses are performed, the accrediting entities subject production to rigorous controls to ensure the quality and safety of the product. IPARLAT meets the IFS (International Food Standard) and its plants are ISO 14001 certified.